Chilling in Zandvoort

I love Zandvoort aan Zee! This year we decided to have our summervacation in the Netherlands at the beach. And it was so much fun. One evening my husband and I went to this restaurant/bar/pub at the beach and we just chilled and had this wonderful Mojito! It was pretty cold outside but the view was stunning. We saw a beautiful sunset and had a great time without the boys. The kids stayed at our place (a cottage at Centerparks) with my mother-in-law and her partner in life,
And yes! I love my black sandals! :)

At Peppes

Peppes Pizza is one of my favourite restaurants in Oslo. I took these pictures at the best Peppes in Norway at Aker Brygge in Oslo. Peppes Pizza is a norwegian based restaurant and the Pizzas are served american style. I lifted a page by Shimelle.


My boys love to go to the Geologisk Museum in Oslo. Its near the Munch Museum in Tøyen. Actually the museum is in the Botanisk Hage. Its a fun place for boys and girls of course. At the entrance you see this huge T-Rex! My youngest son loves dinosaurs, but who doesnt at his age?
He loves the computergame too, so every time we go there, he has to play it!
For this page I scraplifted a fun layout by Corrie Jones, I just love her style!

Peaceful Grebbestad

I took one(!) Instagram at our trip to Sweden, and of course I had to make a page with this single photo! When we went to Sweden we drove directly to Grebbestad. I love this city with its harbour. It was late that day and there were no people around, so it was all peaceful and quiet that night! Love this.
The paperstrips are an idea of Corrie Jones and using these fun acrylic alphas on a page is something I saw at the member gallery over at Studio Calico. So fun!

Boat Trip

Back in june we had some really nice, hot and sunny days in Oslo. So one day we decided to go to our favourite island Gressholmen in the Oslofjord. This island is not that big, but you have some really cool beaches with almost no people there. Of course we had to head over with a boat, that was part of the fun. I love boat trips and this one is really special, you can pay with your ruter-card, so no money is needed. Some tourists think you have to pay on board, but you can use your normal buscard. So in case you are going to visit Oslo one day, you need a sort of 24 hour buscard or an Oslopass for going places.

Enjoy The Journey

Oh how I love these fancy frames from Crate Paper. They came with my june scrapbook kit from Studio Calico! Its so fun using them on pages. I want more of them! But its a trend right now, so in a few months or even weeks we will hardly see them anymore, I guess. So thats why I scrapped several pages with these the last days.
I took these photos in june when I visited Oslo together with my co-workers. It was a nice and sunny day! And we really had so much fun that day! I lifted a page by Shimelle.

Camping Resö

At our trip to Sweden in May we stayed 3 days at this wonderful place. Camping Resö is a big camping on the island Resö. Its definitely not for those people who love large and tidy bedrooms in hotels though. We stayed 3 nights in a tiny tent, for us the cheapest way going somewhere...but we had this stunning view!
I just love this page, because I like to use the leftovers and this page is made with all the scraps that were left on my desk after scrapping some pages with the Planetarium scrapbook kit.

Lemon Tree

I wonder why

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see, and all that I can see, and all that I can see
Is just a yellow lemontree

Back in the nineties we had this huge summerhit "Lemontree" by the band "Fools Garden" in Germany or Europe? This german band is still touring and there latest album "Who Is Jo King?" was released in october 2012. It happened that the sister of the singer Peter Freudenthaler was a fellow student of me. So one day we were singing this song and she said: "You know what? The singer is my brother!". We others didnt know that, it was really funny though. When I hear this song I remember the cool old days when I studied art and such.
This page is about a lemontree in Valencia. My husband wanted to pick a lemon for me, but he came back with a twig instead. I lifted a page by Missy Whidden, she was featured over at Shimelles blog. Sometimes I really love it to use some mists, stamps and use lots of trendy washitape to make a cool background. 

Cool Boy

My oldest son Emil wants to be a cool boy! Yes, he is really cool with these trendy sunglasses! I took this picture back in may when we visited Strömstad in Sweden. The blue background is very blue and the page is really full of embellishments, yes...but I love this colourful fun page about my boy! :) Scrapbooking is to preserve memories and nothing else fancy...when I want to make art, I paint, draw a picture, make a sculpture or take some really artsy pictures with my oh no that expensive camera, right? Scrapbooking is just a fun but trendy hobby for me. ;)

Nice Spot

I still love my pictures from our trip to Sweden back in may. I made some photos from some of the buildings at the harbour. This photo was pretty perfect for the lovely papers from the collection "The Pier" by Crate Paper. I just love the retro colours and I love that fancy yellow both on the papers and the photo!

Poppy Cycling Team with Little Yellow Bicycle

Here is a sneak of one of my projects over at the Little Yellow Bicycle blog! I loved to work with this wonderful collection full of bright colours and cute patterns! The Poppy collection is just perfect for colourful summerpictures. Head over to Little Yellow Bicycle and check out my 2 projects!

Making-of-Monday #5

Its monday again...and its my first official day off this summer! I will have vacation the next four (!) weeks, I do not have to go to my job and work! So lots of time to scrapbook, right?
My oldest son Emil got a bicycle last week and he loves it! So I made this page with the beautiful roundabout kits (main scrapbook kit, cardkit and PL-kit!), I bought some addons too and I love how I can combine everything, the kits from Studio Calico are really versatile.
This page came really quickly together and I started with some trendy watercolouring and stamping! I used some watercolours from Winston&Newton, these are the best. They are not cheap though. Mine are really old (I studied art like 20 years ago...), but the colours are still in a perfect condition. As an art-teacher I would always recomend these. Here is how I made this page: