Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Smile]

Hei and welcome back to my scrappy blog. I love these two photos of me. These pictures were taken at the Scrapbook Werkstatt Event back in 2012 by the most lovely girl Stephanie Berger. I just love her photographic style.
I lifted a page by Paige Evans and used bits of paper that came with all the camelot kits and add ons.

Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Haus der Musik]

I got this Mini Music Lovers Kit at Studio Calico and I made this scrapbook layout with it and used some other stuff from the Camelot kits too.

The House of Music is a sound museum in Vienna. It is a fun museum on rainy days. We wanted to visit the "Haus des Meeres" first but my husband wanted to hear some music, so we went to the "House of Music" instead. It is really a great museum and the kids loved it.

They learned all about classic music (Mozart and other austrian componists) and they really loved the sound machine. You can see, feel and even create the sounds and noises yourself.

We will visit this museum definitely again when we will be in Vienna next year!

Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Fensterrecht, Kunsthaus]

Hei and welcome back!
Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a very famous artist and architect in Austria and you can find a lot of places in Vienna which were designed by him. The famous Hundertwasserhaus is one of these buildings. I just love his colorful paintings and the Hundertwasserhaus is very colorful too.

The so called "Fensterrecht is a right to design the outside of the windows by the residents of the building. They are allowed to paint the windows in different colors and shapes. I took some pictures of these windows and explained the "Fensterrecht" in the journaling.

The second scrapbook layout is about the Kunsthaus in Vienna and this museum is designed by Hundertwasser too. It has a cafe and we had a coffee break there before we watched all the beautiful paintings by Hundertwasser in the museum. For this scrapbook page I lifted a layout by Shimelle.

Tomorrow I will be back with more pictures and scrapbook layouts about Vienna! So stay tuned!

Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Old Vs. New, Explore Vienna]

Hei! Today I have a scraplift and a second scrapbook layout about Vienna for you. For the first page I lifted a scrapbook layout by Garden Girl Laura Graigie. You can see the original scrapbook layout here over at TwoPeas.

I love taking pictures at fairs and these two ferris wheels are at the Prater in Vienna. The left one is the famous old "Riesenrad" and the one on the right side is the new one.

Loved how this page turned out.

The second scrapbook layout is a page with lots of white space, just one photo and a few embellishments. I used some stamps for the background and stamped the word "Wien" in gold several times to make it more interesting. I took this picture at our last day in Vienna.

Scrap Your Kit -Camelot [Summer In Oslo]

Today I have one scrapbook layout featuring the wonderful Camelot kits by Studio Calico.

I just love grid designs and I had to make one scrapbook layout with 9 squares and 6 instagrams I took in Oslo the other day. You can see different places and sights of Oslo: art and the lighthouse at Aker Brygge, Karl Johans Gate, my favorite italian restaurant "Eataly" at Aker Brygge, the special Freia sign and the fountains near Karl Johans Gate.

I embellished the page with fun stickers, rub ons, stars and enamel dots that came with the kits! Love this summer scrapbook page!

More pages will be posted at sunday. I have scrapped wonderful pictures from Vienna!

Get crafty! [Teacher appreciation gifts]

Hei and welcome back! Some girls from the Pebbles Designteam have posted some incredible teacher appreciation gifts at the Pebbles Blog lately and I had to make some gifts too.

Emil and Leon have both wonderful teachers and I wanted to make something special for these ladies! I came up with a Post-it note holder (inspired by Holly Gagnon from ribbonsandglue) and a pen storage box. I bought some colored pencils, pens and markers in neon pink and neon orange and some coordinating post it notepads.

I used pretty paper from the "Birthday Wishes" collection and some cute stickers from the "From Me To You" collection. Both collections are from Pebbles.

Happy Scrappy Friends Blog Hop - Juni [Scrapbook Layout Schönbrunn]

Hi, this is for my german readers, so this post will be in german! But you all can have a look at my gorgeous project which I made for the Happy Scrappy Friends Blog Hop this month!

Ihr kommt gerade von Jana und ich heisse euch herzlich Willkommen zur Juni-Ausgabe des Happy Scrappy Friends Blog Hop. Heute ist der 12. Juni und wir von den Happy Scrappy Friends haben wieder viele tolle scrappige Projekte für euch. Dieses Mal haben wir nach einem sogenannten Scrap-Rezept, welches Cathleen zur Verfügung gestellt hat, gescrappt. Das war wirklich eine Herausforderung für mich, die ich hoffentlich gut gemeistert habe.


1. Verwende Patterned Paper als Grundlage
2. Verwende mindestens eine 3x4 Karte (Project Life Karte oder selbstgemacht)
3. Verwende eine Mask (gesprüht oder gematscht)
4. Verwende Vellum
5. Stempeln!

Verwendet habe ich 2 PL Karten aus dem Camelot Project Life Kit von Studio Calico. Auf das Patterned Paper habe ich einen weiteren Streifen Papier geklebt und ein gestanzter Streifen Vellum dient als Trennlinie. Die goldfarbenen Dreiecke habe ich mit einer Mask von Heidi Swapp hergestellt, ich habe hier aber etwas geflunkert. Da ich weder gerne sprühe noch matsche, habe ich einfach ein goldfarbenes Stempelkissen dafür verwendet. Gestempelt habe ich links unten und rechts in der Mitte. Alle Materialien sind aus dem Camelot SB Kit von Studio Calico.

Habt ihr Lust bekommen, ebenfalls nach dem Scrap-Rezept von Cathleen zu scrappen? Ja, dann hüpft jetzt schnell weiter zu Nina, denn am Ende des Blog Hops wartet eine grosse Überraschung auf euch!

Falls ihr aber irgendwie unterwegs beim Hüpfen den Scrapfaden verloren habt, gibt es hier nochmal die vollständige Reihenfolge aller teilnehmenden Scrapperinnen:

Marjan (das bin ich!)

Scrap Your Kit - Camelot [Hello Oslo, Boat Trip, Happy Memory]

Hei and welcome to my scrappy blog! Today I have 3 big picture scrapbook layouts for you! I made some photos from my favorite places in Oslo and one photo is from our recent boat trip to Fredrikshavn in Denmark.

I love scrapping with different sized photos, so I do not get bored when flipping through my albums.
All 3 scrapbook layouts are made with the Camelot kits by Studio Calico. And yes, Oslo is really gorgeous, especially during the summertime!

And do not forget our monthly blog hop tomorrow!

Scrap Your Kit -Camelot [Sneak Peek]

It is sneak peek time! I have made 8 scrapbook layouts with the Camelot kits by Studio Calico so far. I have lots of stuff left and will scrap more pages with all the beautiful photos from Vienna and Oslo!

Tomorrow I will show you 3 scrapbook pages with big pictures! So stay tuned!

Scrap Your Kit- Bluegrass Farm [Oceanographic]

Hei! I have one last scrapbook layout with the Bluegrass Farm Kit for you today! I made this one with all the scraps and leftovers from the kit. I love the green polka dotted background! So springy!

Here are all my scrapbook pages I made with this kit at a glance.

Next week I will show you more layouts, cards and other scrappy projects! Have a nice weekend!

Cardmaking - Mood Board [Baby Girl Cards]

Source: Pinterest
Hei, today I made this wonderful color mood board to have some sort of inspiration for baby girl cards. I love the vintage warm colors in the pictures and made these 3 cards with the "Special Delivery Girl" collection by Pebbles.

I wish you all a sunny and warm summerday!

Scrapbook Layout [At The Fair]

When you visit Vienna you do not want to miss the Prater park. The Prater is a public park in the 2. district (Leopoldstadt). The amusementpark, often simply called "Prater" stands in one corner of the Wiener Prater. You can find all sorts of attractions like the Wiener Riesenrad or the Liliputbahn.

I took some pictures at the Prater by night and made a fun scrapbook layout with lots of colored patterned paper squares. I was actually inspired by Paige Evans. She made a cool scrapbook layout for Studio Calico lately and used a square punch.

Love the black background, I am so over white right now. I love bright colors and the "Birthday Wishes" collection by Pebbles was just perfect for this page. Love the funky colored alpha Thickers too.

Have a fun and happy day!

Mini Book [Forever Oslo] Inspired By Maggie Holmes

I purchased 4 mini book workshops over at Studio Calico and the last two weeks I was working on the mini book inspired by Maggie Holmes. I just love Maggies style with lots of gold, glitter and pastell colors. My mini book is about my favorite city in Norway. Oslo has such beautiful places and I really love the harbour with all the boats and Aker Brygge. Well this is what most tourists get to see, right?

I used the digital files and the Camelot add on "Excalibur". I cut out all the flowers, words and leaves and colored them with my beloved chalk inks by Prima. I used craft paint for the title page.

I took all the pictures for this mini book at two different trips to Oslo with the kids. At the first trip we visited Bygdøy and the Kontiki Museum. And yesterday at the second trip we just went to Aker Brygge, Tjuvholmen and Karl Johans Gate. At both days we had this wonderful sunny weather. Yes its summer in Norway, but only for a few days!

I really love my mini book about the summer in Oslo! Have a nice and sunny day!